Rates & Fees

provides a free service. Fees and rates are fixed by the lender. lendmill.app does not directly provide loan services to clients, it simply takes the information you have provided in order to connect you to a loan provider.

Full Disclosure of Loan Terms

The legislation as set out by the Truth in Lending Act demands the full disclosure of all loan rates and fees. The full responsibility for this lies with the lender and is required before you take out a loan. After you accept the loan terms, lenders usually forward you to an e-signature link on their website for you to complete the loan application. Be sure to read your loan agreement in full before you sign off on it.

Late Payment Policy

Different lenders will have divergent policies around late payment. Review the late payment policies for your loan as they are set out in your agreement before signing. All of the loan providers in our network are obligated to adhere to all rules/laws/regulations when it comes to late payment fees.

Non-payment Policy

Should you find yourself in the position where you cannot pay your loan back, extra fees or charges are like to apply. endeavors only work with lenders that have a good reputation and use lawful and reasonable means to collect overdue repayment.

Loan Renewal Policy

State law directs loan renewal policies. In the states where loan renewals are allowed, added interest and late fees can greatly increase to the amount of your final loan. Therefore, if possible, they should be avoided. Be sure to read and understand the fine print regarding the renewal policy of the lender before you add your signature to any loan agreement.

* This is not intended to serve as legal advice and may not be current at all times. If you have a question about the regulations that are applicable to you, direct your question to your lender or seek the advice of a lawyer. Some states have no statutory provisions in place when it comes personal loans.